My guide to wizard farming build will teach about the stats, equips, skills and cards (late game)  that you need for a farming wizard in Ragnarok mobile : eternal love.

I will also teach you the best farming spots for a wizard to level up fast and have good loots. We all know that having a high job level and good loots is the number one essential for a powerful wizard.

So my guide will teach you how to earn hundred thousand of zeny per day.

If you’re a wizard you are on a good start if you want to have some good loots for early game. Because  wizard is among the very best farmer on the Ragnarok Mobile.

Wizard class is good for farming because of there High magical Damage and AOE skills that we will be needing on the early game part. Wizard has also a skill known as “Meteor Storm” but we will not talk about it here because it will be for a high wizard that already unlock the Tier 2 runes.

Guide to Meteor storm here. (soon)

So enough with the introduction. Let’s go now for the guide.

Stats Build

Wizard farming build guide Ragnarok mobile: Eternal Love

The stats for a wizard is simple at all.

  1. Max out INT to 99
  2. After  you maxed out INT. Start on your DEX

The reason for this one is to have a fast kill on a monster using “Soul Strike” (mage) and “Magic Crasher” (Wizard)

You really dont need a dex on the early game part. All you need is a fast kill for Base Level, Job Level and also for loots.

When you max out your INT at level 70+, that’s the only time that you can max out your dex.

Skill build

Wizard farming build guide Ragnarok mobile: Eternal Love

This will be your skill build at the beggining of the game. It is important to put your skill in respectively.

Mage ( Skills should be put in order )

  • Soul Strike   5
  • Increase SP Recovery  10
  • Fire Bolt 5
  • Ring of Fire   10
  • Soul Strike  10
  • Cold bolt   3
  • Lightning Bolt 2

This will be your skill set when you are a Mage. The skill that you will be putting on the auto attack slot will be Sould Strike and Firewall.

Soul strike is your  all around attack skill that you will be need until you change your job to a wizard. It has a insta cast that is good for farming.

Ring of Fire will be your defensive skill. We all know that mage or even wizard has a Low Hp. So Ring of Fire will be essential for you until late game.

Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt and Lightning Bolt is your skill of choice when you are having a quest that have a elemental attribute. This skill will help you finish a quest quickly.

NOTE:  If youre just farming for exp and loots its better to use Soul strike because it has a instant cast and the result of your farming will be better.

Wizard Skill build ( Skill should be put in order )

  • Heaven’s Drive  1
  • Magic Crasher  5
  • Soul drain  10
  • Energy Coat  5
  • Storm Gust  1
  • Jupitel Thunder  5
  • Lord of Vermillion  10
  • Storm gust 4

Being a wizard the main skill that you will be using is Heaven’s Drive and Magic crasher.

From now on Magic Crasher will be you single target skill in all kind of monster, replacing your Soul strike. In this level you dont need your soul strike anymore. Later in this guide I will guide you on How you can have a skill reset and what Skill you should Prioritize when you remove soul strike at your skill set.

For Heaven’s Drive you will only need 1 skill point alloted on this. Because the higher the level of this skill the longer the cast time. Heaven’s drive 1 will allow you for an almost instant cast of the skill. Heaven’s drive is a Earth type Element and this will be the best counter for a wind type element monster like Menblatt, Hornets, Dustiness , Steam goblins.

Maxing out your Soul Drain up to level 10  will be next to your list. It is important for a wizard that you always have a SP. maxing out Soul drain to level 10 will give you a 20% increase on MAX SP for each enemy killed.

Guide for Unli SP (play dead Skill )

Energy coat will provide you additional defense and a slight boost on your magic atack.

Lord of vermillion is not really that important. I just love the ingame graphic effects of it. LOL But dont make me wrong Lord of vermillion is a powerful Wind damage skill.

High Wizard Skill build (Skills should be put in order)

  • Magic Power  10
  • Napalm Vulcan  10
  • Stone Curse  5-10 (it depends on you)

High wizard is the moment that we are waiting for. When you are a high Wizard you will get the maximum potential of your character. You can even one-shot eggyra which is good for farming zeny.

Tips: How to one hit eggyra.

You can also use your skill reset at this point of the game and max out the following skill :

  • Fire Bolt  10
  • Cold Bolt  10
  • Increase SP  10
  • Ring of Fire   10
  • Soul Drain   10
  • Magic Crusher  5
  • Energy Coat  5
  • Storm Gust 4
  • Jupitel Thunder 5
  • Lord of Vermillion  10
  • Heaven’s Drive  1
  • Amplify Magic Power 10
  • Napalm Vulcan  10
  • Stone Curse 5-10
  • Etc

If you can notice I remove the Soul strike from our skill set and max out the other skill on our mage class job. This is because we dont need Soul strike on this point of game.

When you become a High Wizard you will unlock the Aesir monument tier 2 runes by doing some quest in your guild hall. The quest wont be easy. So you need to prepare for it. After you unlock the tier 2 runes you can now go towards the path of Meteor Storm.

Meteor storm is the most powerful skill of a High wizard and Can only be obtain by unlocking The runes for it. What’s good about it is Meteor storm has a High damage and dont have a Fix cast time which enable  us to insta cast it, buy maxing out your dex at late game and having the perfect equips on your high wizard.

NOTE: DONT RUSH YOUR WAY TO METEOR STORM. It will only be useless if you have a trashy equips at late game. So just farm normally and Buy the Equips that you need.

You can also check my ADL SNIPER GUIDE


For me wizard is a Item dependent Character. So having the perfect Equips will boost your magic power to the roof. So here are the list Of the equipments that you will be needing.

Note : Bold Items are recommended on end-game

Headgear :

  • Wizard hat / Mage hat/ Magic eyes
  •  Elven ears
  • Angry Snarl


More Magic attack (M.Atk) Less SP regen : Wizardy Staff [1] (Eye Of Dullahan Combo) →  Wizardy Staff [2] (Eye of dullahan Combo)

More SP regen But Less M.Atk : Healing Staff → Croce Staff

Off Hand:

Magic Bible

Orlean’s Server (Combo with Orlean’s Glove)


Mage Coat → Robe of Cast → Robe of Cast [1]


Staunch Robe (Combo with Staunch Boots)

Shoes :

Staunch Boots (Staunch Robe combo)

Accessorries :

INT Earring

Orlean’s necklace

Orlean’s Gloves (Orlean’s server Combo)

Eye of Dullahan (Wizardy staff Combo)


For me wizard only need cards at late game for MVP hunting.


2 Peco Peco Egg Card will be nice if you have two slotted wizardy staff. But 1 Peco Peco Egg Card will be fine.

2 Minorous Card if your Farming Large Monsters Like MVP.

If you dont have the budget you can stay at peco peco card and hunt for Formless monster like sting and eggyra.

Armor :

Agav Card – This will give you 5% M.atk

For me this is the best alternative card for Angeling card which turn your armor into holy element.

You can look at my element guide to see why I choose this card as an alternative.

Farming spots

Wizard farming build guide Ragnarok mobile: Eternal Love

When you became a wizard you will unlock the Heaven’s Drive skill. And I recommend you to use it all the time when you are farming wind element monsters. Matching with Magic crasher and play dead skill on your auto slot.

Play dead skill:  Click here

Always remember that you need to kill as many monsters at once as possible to maximize your farming potential as a wizard. You may also consider to hunt monster that has lower level than you are. Just be reminded that if you hunt a monster that has 10 level Higher/lower  compare to you there will be a level gap penalty, the drop rate will be reduced by a small portion

Prontera West and Sewers

  • Rocker
  • Willow
  • Chon-Chon
  • Yoyo
  • Spore, Thief Bug
  • Thief Bug Male
  • Familiar
  • Thief Bug Female

Labyrinth Forest

  • Wolf

Goblin Forest

  • Steam Goblin

Mjolnir Mountains

  • Hornet
  • Menblatt

North Prontera

  • Dustiness
  • Metallers
  • Mantis

(very low HP, great for farming and leveling up)

  • Payon Cave
  • Eggyra

Full Guide To Farming Spots (soon)

Full Guide to stamina

When you reach Level 80+ you can just focus first at farming rather than finishing quest, hunt for Equipments first to easily finish the Glast Heim Quests.

Maximizing your magick atack (M.Atk)

  • Cooked Foods – some Cooked Foods gives +M.atk and magic penetration.
  • Blessing (Priest buffs)
  • INT Dish
  • Guild Blessing – I usually do this once a day.
  • Item Refine/ Item Enhance/ Item Enchants.
  • Aesir Monument (Runes)

Reducing cast time (CT)

  • Dexterity Stat
  • Priest buff ( blessings and suffragium)
  • Orlean’s Gloves + Orleans Server = – 20% CT Variable
  • Orlean’s Necklace + Orleans Gown = – 15% CT fixed
  • Dex Dish
  • Robe of Cast = – 10% CT Variable
  • Staunch Boots + Staunch Robe = – 10% CT Variable
  • Magic Eyes = – 10 % CT Variable
  • Isis Pet = – 5% CT Variable ( when pet skill level is 10 )

This is the end of my Wizard Farming Build Guide. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope it Helps you out.