We all know that in order to farm a ton of zeny we need to fast farm and kill mobs as fast as we can. Today I will teach you a trick on how to one Hit eggyra.

The Requirements for this guide is that you need to be a High Wizard. But you can also try it with other job classes. I also farm eggyra using my Sniper account.

Guide To High Wizard Click Here

Guide To Sniper Click Here

This guide will be Short because I already Cover all the essentials in my High Wizard guide.

Skill Build To One Hit a Eggyra

How To One Hit Eggyra

One Hitting a eggyra is quite easy and all you need is to be a High Wizard and Get the “Napalm Vulcan” Skill.

So Why Eggyra?

Eggyra is a Ghost type Monster that has a Low Hp and Mid M.Def. which makes it a perfect target for us. We all know that Ghost Type monsters are weak against there own element and Napalm Vulcan is A ghost Type Skill.

Skill Level To one Hit a Eggryra?

There is No exact skill level for this one. But I suggest around Skill Level 6-10. Of course the Lower your M.Atk the Higher the Skill never needs to be. Also note that the higher the Skill Level The higher the SP cost Will be.

If you want to farm a eggyra using auto. You need Unli SP as a wizard. Here is my Guide to Unlimited SP.

Magic attack (M.Atk) Needed to One hit Eggyra.

How To One Hit Eggyra
It doesn’t take a high M.Atk to One Hit an Eggyra

I dont really know the exact value of the M.atk that you need to one hit a eggyra. Base on my experience as a High Wizard I done this when my M.atk is around 1.1k M.atk.

During this time my Napalm Vulcan is Level 10 and it consumes a lot of SP. But it is normal becuase I have Unli SP.

Guide to Unli SP (Play Dead Skill)

How To Raise Magic attack?

How To One Hit Eggyra

If this is your problem then consider it solved. Raising your M. Atk is quite easy. It can be temporarily or permanent raise. The Following List will help you Raise your M.atk:

  • INT DISH (if you’re a High Wizard)
  • Cooked Dish
  • Guild Blessing
  • Runes
  • Equipment Enhance
  • Equipment Refine
  • Priest Buffs
  • Cards ( Peco Peco Egg Card is required if youre farming Formless Raise)

Guide to Cooking Recipe (soon)


How To One Hit Eggyra

One hitting a eggyra is basic to all High Wizard Class as long as you have the right  Stats for your wizard.

There are many things to Improve your magical Attack and one of the easy way is buy refining, and ehancing and Guild Buffs.

My Tip for you is to enhance all the equips that gives additional damage. This equips are the Weapon and accessories. By enhancing this two. You can easily maximize your damage.

I hope This guide helps you.