If you are here Reading this guide I know youre looking for a solution for your lack of SP. This usually Happens when you are farming  Away From Keyboard (AFK) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

If that is the case Then I have a good news for you! We have found a way to sustain your SP even if your auto farming and AFK.

Some players Dont know About this skill. Some Players Accidentally get this skill called Play Dead in the south gate of prontera.

So how can you obtain this Play dead skill?

You can obtain this skill buy talking to the NPC  that is laying on the ground in the middle of south gate.

How to Have Unli SP [Play Dead Skill] - Ragnarok Eternal Love

How does Play dead skill works

First talk to the NPC and get the skill play dead.

After that you can see the play dead skill at your skill tab → adventure skills.

Play Dead is a passive skill that allows you to instanty enter into play dead status when your character is almost out of SP or HP.

When you are on a Play Dead State The enemy cant attack you. This is a good Skill if you dont want to die if the monsters are too strong for you, another benefit of this skill is that it restores your HP and SP by 10% every 5 seconds.

Another trick to this skill is to put this to your auto skills. Using this trick you can farm AFK. it will just automatically play dead once you run out of SP or HP. After your SP and HP is full it will automatically attack the targetted monster.

In my opinion this is one of the most useful passive skill in the game. Because it allows you to farm even if your busy or AFK.

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