In  Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love zeny is the most important thing that you need for you to advance in the game. At first it may seems hard to have a lot of zeny. Well it is a little bit hard  in early game because the only choice that you have is farming it by killing monsters.

But advancing  in the game you will give you more choices to farm more zeny and in this guide I will teach you How to earn zeny fast.

Note: I will not include MVP/mini boss hunts and EndLess tower in this guide. Because of the reason that it can be done only on late games and when that time comes you will have a lot more knowledge about the game.

Zeny Farming

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

There are two types of earning zeny on Ragnarok mobile. It is by doing it ACTIVELY or PASSIVELY. Today I will tell you the both methods of making more zeny and I will start on Active zeny farming.

So what are the difference of  Active farming and Passive farming?

The difference of active farming to passive farming is when you are using stamina on a work it is considered as active farming. But when your obtaing a zeny without stamina needed it is passive.

Active Zeny Farming

Killing Mobs

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Zeny farming is the most common way of obtaining zeny in the game. You will have to kill monsters to obtain it. The technique for this one is you have to kill as monster as fast a possible. The more monster you kill the more zeny you obtain.

Some classes arent good of farming zeny. The most recommended classes are as follows:

  • Wizard- wizards are good for farming zeny because of there High M.Atk and AoE Skills. You can kill more monsters if you have an AoE so that means more zeny.  (click here For Wizard guide)
  • Sniper – Sniper are good for farming because of they are a range class and has very high damage output. (Click Here for Sniper Guide)
  • Black Smith/White Smith – Black Smiths are good for farming because of their skills which can increase the value of zeny drops and they can also have a discount on any NPC.

Farming a lot of zeny means you need to kill monster who have a Level lower than yours. Just be aware of the Penalty gap which will be activated when the monsters you are farming are 10 levels higher or lower than you.

Penalty Gap will just lower your drop rates dramatically. In my experience you will not notice the drop rates. (My Blacksmith is currenty level 70 and Im still having a Good Loots on farming steam Goblins which is level 39.)

Guide to Stamina : You can Still have a decent loots even if you run out of stamina. You can farm until your staming goes to Yeloow but once it is Red farming is not recommended ( Click here for Full Stamina Guide)

Also dont forget to use Lightning chains.

Crafting Equipments and Sell to Exchange.

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

As you may know you can buy blueprints of a head wear on “Craft Headwear” NPC. The good part about this is you dont have to spend zeny on it. The currency that you need will be Eden Coins.

You can also look for “Equipment Craft” NPC and look for a equipment that you can craft. One of the easiest equipment you can craft and get slotted is “Tights”  you can farm the Materials on Goblin Forest. The materials needed are Sticky mucus and Coals which are easy to obtain.

ULTIMATE TIP: before crafting items check the prices on “exchange” NPC. If the items have a value that is ending with “00” “000” “0000” or any thing like that. Dont craft the items. This Items have a lot of stacks and hard to be sell.

Monster Resistance and Board Quest

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

As you may know completing Monster resistance have a reward of 10k+ zeny. So you may consider it and it is good because you can have x10 Exp when doing it. So Always remember to do monster resistance.

Board Quests also gives a decent rewards. It has a zeny reward,  a zeny bag and sometimes a Lightning Chain Which is very useful on farming.

Creating a Second and Third Chracter  

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

If you want to maximize your account potential and have a lots of zeny you can create a second and third character.

As you may know you can create a second character with your account. I used this method to have many zeny as posible. Although Im still not using my 3rd character slot to have a new character.

You will unlock the 3rd slot when you achieve the 3rd job class.  As of now I have a High wizard and black smith on my first account. And have a sniper and blacksmith on my 2nd account.

Having a blacksmith on your account really helps alot. So I recommend having a black smith or even a wizard. (Full guide to Wizard farming Build)

Card Hunting

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Card hunting is one of the most things that are hard to do in Ragnarok mobile. Although it is not hard to kill a monster, it is very hard to obtain a card. The chance of obtaining a card is second to non. It requires a lot of patience to have a card on the game additional to that is no one know the card drop rates its all base on luck and to the RNGods.

But dont get me wrong getting a card specially when Lightning Chain is activated is a Big game changer. You can go from non to rich quick. I do recommend to hunt cards when you are at a Later part of the game. First make sure atleast the you have the right weapon that can kill monsters easily. (always remember: faster kill = more loots)

Passive Zeny Farming

Pet Adventure

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Pet adventure is one of the best things that can give you a passive income on the game. You can obtain a “Pet Adventure Guide” when you become Level 30. The only down side of this is that it consumes a lot of stamina and need a pet to do this. But the rewards are great and you can obtain a card by chance.

If youre planning to use pet adventure I recommend that you invest on pet as you as possible. (as of now I have 9 pets on my 1st account). It may seems costly but trust me it is worth it.

Tip: Only do pet adventure to your second character (In my case it is the Black Smith). Because it consumes a lot of stamina.

Tip: Also dont forget to use the Correct types of monster to have a better chance of good loots

Sell on Exchange

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

This is my favorite one. When you are farming zeny it cant be avoided that you will have some loots and the more you farm the more loots you get. Sometimes those loots are useless to you and dont needed it. So selling them to exchange is the best way to make a big profit.

Current my daily income is always more than 100k zeny just selling Evil Horns. I obtain it by Killing Eggyras. Which is most popular on High Wizard class.

100k+ zeny is not that big profit compare to others. But farming a lot of Evil Horn considering their cheap price at the market is a fairly good income.

Guide: How to One Hit Eggyra (High Wizard)

Guide: Wizard Farming Build

Guide: ADL Sniper Build

Instant Time Rifts

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Finishing Time rifts is one of the easiest thing to do. Doing this method can give you a lot of fortune. There are Some Item drops that can be sold in the exchange in a incredibly high price.

But dont clear the time rifts manaully. I fully Advice you to buy a Purification Holy Grail using your Meat Balls. By doing this you can finish Time Rifts Quickly and easily.

But note that you need to be on a party to have a Time Rift quest. So I required you to play with your friends or just join an active guild that will help you clear it.

Buy Low, Sell High

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Buying Low and Selling High is one of the hardest method where you can earn tons of zeny. Many Pro players are using this method to earn zeny on the game.

I personally dont use this method. Becuase I still dont know how to read the economy on ragnarok mobile. As you may know the “Exchange” is a Active market place where the price is constantly changing. Predicting the market prices is quite hard thats why I dont do this method. But I will in the near future.

As a basic knowledge this is the only thing that I know about this :

  • Buy items in low prices and Sell them once they got high.
  • Sell items that you know that the price will be low soon.

Tip: Hire a Assistant to see the the Finance graph for you to have a knowledge of what items have a price that is going up and what Items has a price of going down.

VIP Membership

How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

This one is one of my favourite. This is the most obvious way to be a rich quick. LOL. Buying the Ragnarok VIP will give you a lot of advantage on the game. But the downside is you will need to spend money.

But waaiiittt

PREMIUM Cards are tradable in the exchange. So that means that you can Buy it with zeny. But it will cost you millions of it. But its worth it..

Note that Im a free to play player too. So dont lose hope that you will not be strong on the game. It will just take sometimes and Eventually you can achieve that Meteor Storm too ( If youre a High wizard). LoL

Conclusion :

There are many methods to have a lots of zeny on Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. its only depends to you which you should prioritize first. Of course planning is also part of the game so you better think wise for you to have a good advantage.  

If youre a free to play player like me its fine. You will have youre own time to shine on the game. Just be patient.