In the new Ragnarok M: Eternal Love we are introduce to a new system which is the “Stamina System”. Some players including me is confuse about this at first because we dont have this kind of system when playing the old Ragnarok Online. So I made this guide for all the new players to the game. I hope this guide will help you understand what this Stamina system is.


The Stamina system on Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love is added to prevent the players who are just AFK and farming all day long. With this system the game will be kept at balance. For old player of Ragnarok online we all know that there are some players who are so called “Mamaw” or a character who is overpowered because they are the first who play the game and has the chance to farm everything they want without worrying about there stamina.

In the new Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love we have a time limit and here are some things that you should remember about. :

  1. Everyone will have there stamina refresh at GMT + 7 on SEA server. If youre from the philippines it is 6 am.
  2. 300 stamina will be given to every player of the game no matter what level you are. 1 stamina = 1 minute. So you have a total of 5 hours of farming everyday if youre not using a Lightning chain.
  3. If all stamina has been used Base Exp,Job Exp and Drop rates will be lowered. There will be 3 stages of stamina :
  • Green stamina (e.g. 155/300) this means your max stamina is not yet fully used. You will stay green stamina until you used all 300 of it. This will also give you a normal drop rate and EXP.
  • Yellow stamina (e.g. 320/300) Yellow stamina means that you already used all 300 minutes of your stamina. Your drop rate and EXP will be lowered dramatically.
  • Red Stamina. (e.g. 600/300) you will see this red stamina if you approach around twice the value of your normal stamina. Farming in this kind of situation is useless because the drop rate is so low that you will only have few zeny and items even if youre farmin for hours.

4. Targeting mobs and attacking them drains your stamina.

5.  When you dont used up all your stamina it will be stock for up to 900 minutes worth of stamina.

6. All the mission/quest will still give you the right amount of reward of EXP even if your stamina is Red. So its better to farm first rather that doing some quest.

7. Lightning Chain will speed up the use of your stamina. In return you will have 2x times drop rate and EXP for 60 minutes .

If you’re concern about your stamina. You can check it at the settings tab at the right top corner of the screen.

How to add more stamina in Ragnarok M : Eterna Love

Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

There are some tricks about adding more stamina. In addition of the 300 stamina that you will get everyday you can add up to 60 more stamina buy listening to music.  In the south gate of prontera.

If youre good hearted enough youll buy a CD for everyone to hear it. Dont worry it will only cost you about 10.000 zeny per Music CD. you can buy this CD on the “Event Items” NPC in Prontera.

You can play the CD on the music instrument near the King Poring.

If you lack of funds to buy a CD, you can still listen to music. Just click the music instrument and youll be automatically be listening to it.

1 minute of listening = 1 stamina. And it can stock up to 60 stamina.

This means that you will have a total of 360 of stamina per day.

PRO TIP : you can move to Channel 1 because most players are here listening to music.

What will you do after running out of stamina?

Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

Running out of stamina in ragnarok moble doesn’t mean that you can already rest playing it and you have nothing else to do. In fact there some things that you can still do.

My favourite thing to do when I run out of stamina is to take a picture of a place that has camera logo on it, You can see the Logo of a camera if you open the map.

The benifit of taking pictures is that it gives a huge EXP for your Adventure Handbook which is needed for you to have a Higher Adventure Level.  That will unlock some useful Adventure Skill later on the game.

Btw. Taking picture of monster will also give you a bit of EXP for your adventure Handbook and another benefit for this is you will know the Item drops for each monsters that you have take a picture.

How to use Stamina Effeciently in Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love

Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

For me the most effecient way to use your stamina is when I set my character to auto attack and just leave it there farming or leveling.

As of now Im NOT focusing on leveling my character. Im just farming for crafting materials that I will use later on the game. Its more Easy to farm early rather than (Level 85-95) Boosting your Level to max (Level 99) and knowing that your character is weak.

Bottom line is Only use your stamina for Farming materials or For leveling. All quest on the game can wait and will have the same reward even if your stamina is red

My daily routine on Ragnarok Mobile is as follows:

  • Farm for materials or Level Up my Characters and Using all of my stamina.
  • Doing Daily board quest.  
  • Doing some Red or Green quest
  • Taking pictures of place and Mobs.  

Okay I think this is all you need about the stamina system of Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love. I hope This guide Helps you and answers the questions that youre thinking of.

Good day and GRIND! GRIND! GRIND!