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How To One Hit Eggyra

We all know that in order to farm a ton of zeny we need to fast farm and kill mobs as fast as we can. Today I will teach you a trick on how to one Hit eggyra. The Requirements for this guide is that you need to be a High Wizard. But you can also try it with other job classes. I also farm eggyra using my Sniper account. Guide To High Wizard Click Here Guide To Sniper Click Here This guide will be Short because I already Cover all the essentials in my High Wizard guide. Skill...

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How To Earn Zeny Fast Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

In  Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love zeny is the most important thing that you need for you to advance in the game. At first it may seems hard to have a lot of zeny. Well it is a little bit hard  in early game because the only choice that you have is farming it by killing monsters. But advancing  in the game you will give you more choices to farm more zeny and in this guide I will teach you How to earn zeny fast. Note: I will not include MVP/mini boss hunts and EndLess tower in this guide. Because...

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Guide to Stamina in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love

In the new Ragnarok M: Eternal Love we are introduce to a new system which is the “Stamina System”. Some players including me is confuse about this at first because we dont have this kind of system when playing the old Ragnarok Online. So I made this guide for all the new players to the game. I hope this guide will help you understand what this Stamina system is. Summary The Stamina system on Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love is added to prevent the players who are just AFK and farming all day long. With this system the game...

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How to Have Unli SP [Play Dead Skill] – Ragnarok Eternal Love

If you are here Reading this guide I know youre looking for a solution for your lack of SP. This usually Happens when you are farming  Away From Keyboard (AFK) in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. If that is the case Then I have a good news for you! We have found a way to sustain your SP even if your auto farming and AFK. Some players Dont know About this skill. Some Players Accidentally get this skill called Play Dead in the south gate of prontera. So how can you obtain this Play dead skill? You can obtain this...

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ADL SNIPER BUILD GUIDE Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love

In this guide I will teach you  the Critical DMG build of a Sniper also know as “ADL Sniper”. You will Learn all the Stat Build, Skill build, Best Equipment, Best Cards and Pets for a ADL Sniper. I will also teach you some Leveling Tips and best Farming Spots for a ADL Sniper. For me ADL sniper shines at late game for ET (Endless Tower)  or MVP Boss hunting becuase of there high damage and fast attack speed (ASPD). But this doesnt mean that they are a weak at early game. In fact they are a good farmer...

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