In this guide I will teach you  the Critical DMG build of a Sniper also know as “ADL Sniper”.

You will Learn all the Stat Build, Skill build, Best Equipment, Best Cards and Pets for a ADL Sniper.

I will also teach you some Leveling Tips and best Farming Spots for a ADL Sniper.

For me ADL sniper shines at late game for ET (Endless Tower)  or MVP Boss hunting becuase of there high damage and fast attack speed (ASPD). But this doesnt mean that they are a weak at early game. In fact they are a good farmer too even if they are just a single target this is becuase of there high damage and ASPD which can kill a lot of mobs one at a time.

So here is my Stat build for a ADL sniper.


There are 3 Important stats when you are a ADL Sniper and this is AGI, DEX and LUK.


  • AGI – Every one point of AGI  increases your ASPD by 1%
  • DEX – Every One point of DEX inceases your ATK by +2 and HIT by +1 (hit decreases chance to miss)
  • LUK – Every 3 point of LUK increases 1 Crit.

Archer Stat build (Base Level 40):

  • AGI –  25
  • Remaining points  on DEX

Hunter Stat build :

For Hunter Stat build. I recommend you too equally distribute the DEX and AGI. I dont remember the exact value of my hunter stat. But this is the thing that I did when I was on my Hunter Job.

Note: If you achieve the total of 120 DEX on your Hunter you can start putting some luck First to add a CRI chance.

Sniper Stat build (Base Level 99) :

  • AGI – 80
  • DEX – 99
  • LUK – remaining points

I dont know what is the exact value of LUK beacuase I still not achieve the base level 99. But this is the Sniper Build that you will need of an ADL. The goal for your ADL is to have 70 Crit. this is beacause of your Skill called Ferity Awakening which boost your Crit my 30 if the enemy’s HP is below 30%.

Skill Build :

ADL SNIPER BUILD GUIDE Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love

Skill Build for Archer :

  • Owl’s Eye – 10
  • Vulture’s Eye – 10
  • Elemental Arrow – 10
  • Double strafe – 10

Double Strafe is optional. You can use Arrow Shower too for late game. But for me Double Strafe is more useful at archer to hunter job.

Skill build For Huner :

  • Improve Concentration – 10
  • Blitz Beat – 10
  • Beast Mastery – 10
  • Split arrow – 5
  • Heavy Arrow – 5

Some will say that max out your Heavy arrow. But in my opinion Heavy arrow will just Slow me down. So I rather Boost my Falcon Damage with beast mastery and max out Blitz beat to maximize my falcon.

Skill Build for sniper :

  • True sight – 10
  • Ferity Awakening – 5
  • Trump Tamer – 10
  • Wind Walk – 10
  • Heavy Arrow – 10

This is the skill build of a ADL sniper. Only then I maxed out Heavy Arrow because I dont know where to put the other 5 points. (LoL)  Im not a fan of Heavy Arrow. But in the end it all up to you if you want to max it out when you are a still a hunter.

And dont forget to reset your skill when you became a sniper. Change Double Strafe to Arrow Shower.  Arrow Shower will be more useful when you are a sniper already.

“As for Runes I will update this guide because Im still checking runes that is good an ADL Sniper”

Sniper Equipments Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love :

ADL SNIPER BUILD GUIDE Ragnarok Mobile : Eternal Love

The ADL sniper has 2 different  Set of equipments and I will discuss about the Pro’s and Cons of this both. I will also discuss about the Cards that you can buy to boost your damage. I dont include MVP cards because this type of cards are to expensive.

Sniper Weapons:

  • For starters the best weapon for a sniper is the Cross Bow [1]  becuase its easy to obtain and deals a decent amount of damage and can be upgraded to have a higher attack damage. You can use it until you have become a Sniper.
  • The next weapon is the Mystery Bow [2]. This is the upgrade status of Cross Bow [1]. It will have the same stat as a Cross bow but has and additional atk +10% , +3%, +3% when DEX reaches 95, 120, 150 respectively.
  • Lastly there is the Malang Snow Crab[2]. this weapon is the most suitable for an ADL sniper because It has a high CRI dmg. The only Cons for this one is it is too expensive and hard to obtain if youre a free to play player.

Note: Its better to have a Cross Bow [2] rather than a Mystery Bow [1] if you have a Cards that you can inlay to your weapon. Having 2 cards on your weapon will deal more damage than a 1 slotted mystery bow.

Note: Upgrading Cross Bow [2] to tier 4 will become a Myster Bow [1].

ADL Sniper weapon cards :

For ADL cards it is up to you what cards you will choose becuase it depends on what monster you are farming. As a general rule It is  better to combine 2 different kind of kinds. Such as:

  • Element + Size
  • Race + Element
  • Race + Size

You can also buy cards that will increase your Critical Dmg.

ADL Sniper Armor :

  • Tights is the best armor if you are using a Cross bow or a mystery bow. It is also a good choice of armor becuase you can easily get this armor slotted. And can be upgraded to to Ranger Clothes.
  • Sniping Suit is your Armor of choice if you have a Malang Snow Crab.

ADL Sniper Armor Card:

  • Archer skeleton Card

ADL sniper Off Hand (Recommended Item late game in BOLD):

  • Fox Wrist Guard
  • Nile’s Bracelet

*For Off hand card I still dont know whats the best card because its too expensive to have a off hand item slotted. For now focus on other things.

ADL Sniper Garments :

  • Cotto shirt  → Undershirt

ADL Sniper Garments Card :

  • Nine tail Card
  • Baphomet Jr. Card

ADL sniper Shoes :

  • Sack teddy Shoes → Advanced Sack Teddy Shoes
  • Rune Boots


If you are a free to play player it is better to have a Mystery Bow first before having a Malang Snow Crab. Malang Snow Crab is a Expensive weapon and is not required for early game.

ADL Sniper Shoes Card (choose one which best suits you)  :

  • Male thief Bug Card
  • Wild Rose Card
  • Nine Tail (star) Card

ADL sniper Accessory :

  • Luna Brooch
  • Gloves
  • Rosary
  • Matryr’s Leash
  • Luck Necklace
  • Fairy in Bottle

*For ADL sniper Card you can check any card that can boost your Critical Chance.

ADL Sniper Head Gear :

  • Cat Ear Beret

Note: Invest to headgear that has an additional Atk when you unlock or deposit. This will greatly improve your ATK damage.

ADL sniper pets :

  • Mandragora – Make sure that the 3rd skill is in max for an additional +10 Crit
  • Baphomet jr.

ADL Sniper Leveling Tips and Farming Spots :

As an archer you will find it hard to have a double strafe in your auto skill slots. Because it will easily deplete your SP cost. Having a depleted SP is not a problem even if you dont have enough Zeny to buy a Warm Meal.

The solution for this is to have the Skill called “Play Dead”. If you add this skill to your auto skill slot it will automatically be activated once your SP or HP has rich 10% or below.

This is my guide for How to get the Play dead skill

Another Items that the ADL Sniper need is the Element Converter. This can be easily obtain by farming monster or just buying them to exchange.

You can also obtain a Elemental Arrow by going to Payon and Submitting a Element Converter to the NPC.

  • 1 Elemental Converter =  1000 Elemental Arrow

NOTE: Its more better to use Element Converter when grinding rather than a Elemental Arrow. One of the Good Uses of Elemental Arrow is when you are Hunting a Mini Boss Or an MVP.

NOTE: Always Hire a kitty Cat. The best Kitty Cat For a Sniper is “Wasabi” which you will found on Geffen. Wasabi is a Tank kitty cat so it will help you a lot when you are Farming.

Farming Spots :

Prontera West Gate (Level 10) :

  • Rocker
  • Chon-chon
  • Willow

Prontera North  ( Level 20 -30 ) :

  • Wormtail

Ghost Ship and Underwater cave (Level 31- 40) :

  • Skeleton
  • Vadon
  • Marina

Goblin Forest and Mjolnir Forest (Level 41-50) :

  • Steam Goblin
  • Goblin archer
  • Menblatt
  • Hornett

Prontera north (Level 51-80+), Pyramid 2F – 3F (Level 60- 70)

  • Dustiness
  • Metaller
  • Mantis
  • Minorous
  • Archer Skeleton

Orc Village (Level 71- 80)

  • Orc archers

Glast Heim Outskirt (Level81-90)

  • Green Petite
  • Sky petite

Glast Heim Culvert (Level 85-95)

  • Anolian
  • Sting

Clocktower and Toy Factory (Level 95+)

  • Punk
  • Orc Lady
  • Cruiser

How to maximize Attack :

  • Cooked Foods
  • DEX dish
  • Guild Blessing
  • Aesir Monument (Runes)

How to maximize AGI:

  • Cooked Foods (w/ additional ASPD)
  • AGI Dish

How to Maximize LUK:

  • LUK Dish

Note: If the mobs that you are farming is more than 10 level Higher or Lower than you, the drop rate will dercrease slighly.

The end!

I hope this ADL Sniper Build Guide helps you. For me ADL sniper is one of the best Class in the game. If you are a ADL Sniper you are on a Good start.